Shared Services



Through a shared services model, Confluent Health provides an environment in which companies can flourish in their quest to serve their local communities.   Our shared services include:

  • Customer Service
  • Compliance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Marketing, Social Media, and Public Relations
  • Overall Business Strategy
  • Talent Management


Customer Service

Brooke Mugavin, MBA

Vice President, Operations


Nicole Wadell

Marketing Analyst



Rhonda Pitts

VP Revenue Cycle Management



Kelly Paine

Executive Assistant


Talent Management

Craig Hubbuch

Recruitment Director

Marketing, Social Media, and Public Relations

Kim Mascaro, MPH, CPH

Executive Vice President


Hayley Grant

Associate Brand Manager


Nicole Spring

Marketing Analyst


Jacob Lane

Marketing Associate

Brooke Mugavin, MBA

Vice President, Operations


Katherine McGuire

Digital Marketing Lead –

EIM, ISPI, NeuroRTI, Kinetacore


Leslie Moon

Marketing Associate –

EIM, ISPI, NeuroRTI, Kinetacore

Overall Business Strategy

Kim Mascaro, MPH, CPH

Executive Vice President


Marilyn Doerr, MBA

Vice President, Business Development

and Accreditation – EIM, ISPI NeuroRTI,


Karey McDowell, MS, CPH

Director of Program Development –

EIM, ISPI NeuroRTI, KinetaCore


Ken Moore

Vice President of Acquisitions,

Sourcing, and Integrations

Human Resources

Amy Tenhumberg

HR Director

Jill Hill

HR Associate

Finance and Accounting

Steve VanCamp

Chief Financial Officer


Tammy Finch

Vice President – Finance & Accounting

Kristina Arnette, MBA

Vice President – Mergers & Acquisitions


Rhonda Pitts

Vice President – Revenue Cycle Management

Regional Financial Controllers


Mandy Borelli

Confluent Health


Dean Disinger



Andrea Dolan

Physical Therapy Central,

Redbud Physical Therapy


Diane Jewell

Evidence In Motion


Chris Johnson

BreakThrough Physical Therapy


Karen McCleery

Texas Physical Therapy Specialists,

Fit For Work


Ben Ratterman

ProActive Physical Therapy,

ProRehab Physical Therapy

Accounts Receivable


Sally Bicknell

Evidence In Motion


Phillip Cassidy

[email protected]


Tom DeFrees

Evidence In Motion


Sondria Manabat

Fit For Work


Accounts Payable

Karen Lindley, Team Lead

Camillo Molina

Kerri Leggiero

Payroll Coordinators

Marge Baker

Jill Parker


Staff Accountants

Lindsay Hammond, Senior

Chad Mueller

Legal Services

Kristie Phillips

General Counsel


Julie Turner

Credentialing Manager


Nannette Dietmeyer

Credentialing Coordinator