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Make your education more affordable.

Each year we offer seven scholarships to deserving university partner students, students from other education programs, and Confluent Health partner employees to promote excellence in the profession and help minimize the debt of top students and employees.

Scholarship Opportunities

University Partner Scholarship

This scholarship is for students attending one of our partner universities (Baylor and South). One scholarship is available for each university.

Flourish Scholarship

We’re offering two scholarships for students attending any and all DPT schools.

In-Residence Scholar

In-Residence Scholar

Each year we award four scholarships to current Confluent Health PTs who are 1–2 years into their track to a certification or a residency.

How the scholarships work.

Scholarships are awarded after a competitive selection process and are worth $10,000 over the course of each scholar’s schooling. Students receiving scholarships are required to commit to two years of employment with a Confluent Health partner company.*  

How to apply.

Applying is easy. Just complete the application form and upload your resume to show your interest in applying. Qualified students will receive an invitation to apply. The application will require the applicant to submit an essay, their transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and proof of PT and non-PT volunteer work. Top applicants will then be asked to interview via web conference. Finalists will interview in person at the nearest Confluent location. Awards are announced three months prior to the semester.

More than just money.

In addition to the monetary award, Confluent Health scholars will receive a terminal internship, an entry-level residency in an orthopaedic residency, a sports residency, or a manual therapy certification or fellowship. Winners will also receive success coaching and mentoring and structured check-in points, invitations to Confluent Health team special events, and a news release to the student’s hometown news media, social media, and podcast highlights.

*As a condition of this Scholarship, Employee agrees to stay connected with CH / EIM’s Clinical Education Coordinator, Lauren Barnett, via video conference annually. Employee agrees to work for Confluent Health as a licensed physical therapist for a period of two years following graduation from the physical therapy program.

2020 Scholarship Cycles

Cycle 1 for August School Start

Open for Submission of Interest February 14, 2020
Submission of Interest Deadline March 1, 2020
Invitation to Apply March 9, 2020
Application Deadline April 1, 2020
Invitation to Interview April 15, 2020
Interview Window May 1–8, 2020
Finalist Interviews May 15–22, 2020
Awards Announced June 1, 2020
Awards Funded for Enrollment August 2020


Cycle 2 for January School Start

Open for Submission of Interest May 15, 2020
Submission of Interest Deadline July 1, 2020
Invitation to Apply August 1, 2020
Application Deadline September 1, 2020
Invitation to Interview September 23, 2020
Interview Window October 9-16, 2020
Finalist Interviews October 23-30, 2020
Awards Announced November 15, 2020
Awards Funded for Enrollment January 2021
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