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A Can-do Company of Diverse People, Employees and Communities

The make-up of Confluent Health exemplifies the concept of Unity in DiversityOur many partners, business lines and initiatives vary widely, yet all focus on working harmoniously together to achieve our essential goal: “Success through meaningful work that impacts lives.”  

What is The Confluent Counsel?

Confluent Counsel is the next step in proactively ensuring that we as a company give more than it takes so that our people, customers, and enterprises continually flourish.   

Who? Confluent Counsel is made up of volunteer representatives who have a heart to serve and are selected by their CEO. In short, the Counsel is you!   The Counsel members began meeting in mid-summer to define our foundational elements with the support, direction and facilitation of Confluent’s CEO & Chief of Talent Development. Our current work includes making plans for making a difference in 2021 and beyond.   

How? By leveraging our Essential Intent, Mission and supporting activities to achieve goals that bring us closer to realizing our Vision

Core pillars


Confluent Health and its family of companies create diversity and cultural awareness within ourselves and the communities that we serve in our respective locations. We embrace differences of race, gender, age, religion, and identity which contributes to every patient receiving the best of care. Embracing differences also empowers every team member to feel heard, welcomed, accepted, and valued for who they are and what they provide to their company, community, and team. 


We exist to make our organization part of a racially inclusive world. We do this by offering care from a diverse team to an equally diverse community. Our diversity is leveraged so that it is reflected in the services provided to our patients and the opportunities open to our teammates, which empowers us to fulfill our business vision and mission. 

Essential Intent

The Counsel meets regularly to discuss issues across a diverse geography in order to have better perspectives to work from, options on how to handle situations that arise, and to do so in a personalized and consistent manner so that we deliver a consistent experience for our internal and external customers. We win when our organization better represents the local diversity in the area, thus creating a stronger and healthier team. 

Meet Your Confluent Counsel

It’s an honor to introduce you to the Counsel at the beginning of the year and in the month that honors perhaps America’s best-known champion of equality and reconciliation: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It’s in that spirit and service we seek to make Confluent Health and the world a better place; one patient, one employee and one employer at a time.  

It’s also an honor to introduce you to the members of the Counsel. 

Andrew Blackmon, Fit For Work Regional Sales Representative Bio
Angela Colbert, Confluent Health Accounting Manager Bio
Betsy Appleton, Confluent Health VP of Brand Communications & Talent Marketing Bio
Cliff Stanford, Proactive Physical Therapy Specialists Physical Therapist Assistant Bio
Kellye Olson, OTD, OTR/L, CHT, Lake Centre for Rehab Supervisor of Occupational Therapy Services Bio
Maria Meagher, TexPTS Liaison/Business Development Bio
Robbiccaa Young, MAT, LAT, ATC, ProRehab PC Certified Athletic Trainer Bio
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