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Welcome to the Hive’s Creative Services Hub.

The Hive Marketing Group provides web, creative and social media services to Confluent Health partner companies. To request a project, please click the appropriate category below and complete the required form.

All Request Forms

Website Requests

Select this for all website related needs:

• Add/Edit Pages
• Update Clinic Information
• Add/Update Forms
• Fix a Website Issue
• Fix a Google Page/Search Issue

Staff/Bio Requests

Here’s where you can come for all things related to staff or bios:

• Edit Staff Name / Credentials
• Transfer or Remove Staff
• Add a new bio
• Update an existing bio
• Request a pdf of your existing bio

Creative & Print Requests

Our creative team is ready to help you with any type of design:

• New Creative
• Update Creative
• Place a Print Order

Social Media Requests

If you’d like to schedule some social media posts, our team is here to help:

• Individual Posts
• Series Posts
• Other Posts

eBlast Requests

If you’d like to schedule an eBlast, our team is here to help:

• eBlast (patient facing)

Swag Requests

Need to order some swag for your team? Click here to order our awesome swag!

Marketing Academy Courses

Interested in signing up for our Marketing Academy Courses? Fill out a request here!

Has your Clinic Moved or do you have a New Clinic Opening? See below…

Clinic: Moving or New Opening

Click here to request all the marketing updates your clinic will need if they have a new opening or are moving. Simply enter your clinic’s information, and all the marketing changes will be automatically requested for you.



Programs & Services Bundles

Are you ready to promote a certain topic at your clinic? Request one of our Program & Services Bundles for all your marketing needs! These Bundles have all been carefully approved by highly experienced PT’s so you can use them instantly!

PT Starter Pack Bundle

Click to Order!

TMD Bundle

Click to Order!

Pain Squad Bundle

Coming Soon!

Curable Product Bundle

Click to Order!

HDHP Bundle

Click to Order!

Schedule Now Bundle

Click to Order!

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