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ProRehab’s Brian Joyce in The Sport Review

Lower Back Pain From Running (Causes and Expert Tips)

We asked a group of fitness experts about why lower back pain from running can happen and what to do about it

Have you been struggling with lower back pain during or after running?

If so, you’re not alone. Lower back pain is a common issue which can have a wide range of causes, some of which can be related to running.

We asked a group of fitness experts for the lowdown on lower back pain and running to find out more about some of its common causes and look at ways to prevent it.

Here’s what they said.

Poor Form Is A Major Contributor To Back Pain While Running

Brian Joyce, Physical Therapist at ProRehab

A sudden change in training (for example, increased mileage or speed) represents 70 per cent of running injuries, which includes the development of lower back pain.

Also, it is recommended that the longest run distance does not exceed 25 per cent of the total weekly mileage. Speed workouts are best added to training after several weeks of easy running.

It’s also best to avoid increasing speed workout mileage or intensity while also increasing total weekly mileage.

Poor form is also a big contributor to back pain while running. This is usually one of two types:

The first is poor alignment in the sagittal plane, in other words, an excessive lean forward while you run, which puts an extra load on your lower back muscles and causes lower back pain over time.

The other posture problem is excessive lumbar extension, or exaggerated curvature. This is the opposite of the excessive forward lean and can also result in lower back pain.

This posture is likely caused by weak abdominal muscles combined with excessive tone of the lower back muscles.

Continue reading for Brian’s recommendations on treatments and remedies for lower back pain from running.

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