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Executive Team | Darin Tucker

Darin Tucker, PTA CEO, Peak Physical Therapy

Darin Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Peak Physical Therapy.  Darin says that the reason physical therapy was so appealing to him is because it allowed him to pursue two things that were interesting to him: physical fitness, and helping people. He believes that physical therapy also creates independent lifestyles that should be protected. Darin’s favorite part of physical therapy is not only allowing to do what he loves, but to meet great people with different personalities, professions, and backgrounds along the way.

Darin believes that in order to be a great physical therapist you must sincerely want to help others and be great with other people. He knows that the medical world can be filled with obstacles, and inconveniences, but that you should be there to best serve the patient and have a desire to help to make the best decisions for others. Darin’s primary goal is to have each patient feel appreciated, and included, and if we don’t consistently make other people that way we’ll never have a chance to become great

Darin’s advice to any future physical therapist is to keep the treatment fun, progressive, and educational. He believes that making your treatment style these three things, you’re going to make the patient feel valued, and relevant, that will also make the patient better understand the control of their condition, that you will be successful in the world of physical therapy.

Darin was born and raised in Idaho, and realizes that the more he travels for business, the more special Idaho is. “The people are very friendly, and it’s a safe and clean environment which makes it great to raise a family.” In his extra time Darin enjoys fishing, skiing, camping, and hanging out with his family.

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