The earthquake that devastated Haiti in January 2010 left the country in absolute chaos and ruin. More than 230,000 Haitians lost their lives and an estimated 300,000 were injured. Moved by the images of despair, ravaged villages and helpless children, Larry Benz gathered up a small group of physical therapists and traveled to Jacmel, Haiti. This small band of healthcare professionals provided hope amidst the rubble and devastation by delivering physical and occupational care to the shattered citizens of the small community.

A few months following the devastating quake, Benz was so touched by resilience of the survivors he decided to build the community’s first permanent physical therapy clinic – The Jacmel Clinic.

Benz’s efforts to serve and care for the Jacmel community did not end weeks, months, or even a year after the disaster. To this day, with the help of the Confluent family of clinics, the Jacmel clinic is staffed by a full-time American physical therapist, Haitian rehab technicians, transporters and interpreters, and volunteers from both the United States and Canada. Employing Haitan workers allows this clinic to contribute to sustainable solutions in this earthquake ravaged area. The Jacmel clinic does not charge for equipment or treatment and is 100% donor supported.


You Have a Chance To Make a Difference

The Confluent Health Family of companies are collaborating with, Healing Hands for Haiti, Team Canada Healing Hands, Team Ange, The Community Coalition for Haiti, and other organizations to continue to provide a sustainable physical rehab clinic in Jacmel, Haiti. Visit to volunteer today!


We Want You! Physical and Occupational Therapist Volunteers!

We are sending teams of physical and occupational therapists to treat and teach under a sustainable solution that involves four strategies to “Build Haiti Better”:

Acceptance: We work closely with and are embraced by the local medical community and political leadership.

Employment: We will provide rehab technicians and support staff with jobs and we will stay in local guesthouses where we expect to pay fair rates for room and board.

Education: Our goal is for our rehab technician training program to be diploma granting. In the meantime, we will teach as though it already is.

Healthcare: We will provide free physical and occupational therapy and work with our partners who are providing physicians, nurses, and others who provide free medical care.