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ProRehab was founded in 1999 by clinicians with the vision of providing the highest level of service for our patients and referring physicians. They provide hands-on physical and occupational therapy based on the newest research and are committed to getting patients the best results in fewer visits. The majority of ProRehab’s staff has advanced certifications in hand rehabilitation, athletic training, strength and conditioning, work capacity evaluation, lymphedema treatment, vestibular rehab, spine care, and more.

ProRehab serves as a clinical education site for a number of university professional¬†programs, and many of their clinicians are currently or have been adjunct faculty members for professional programs in both physical and occupational therapy. Many of our professional staff have lectured, presented or been published on various clinical topics. ¬†100% of ProRehab’s therapists have advanced physical therapy degrees at either the Masters or Doctorate level, allowing them to provide the highest standard of care to their patients.