Step inside any one of our locations and you’ll feel it: a culture of care, compassion and human connection. Our commitment to our people-first culture runs deep and we place a priority on improving the lives of the people who make our business possible.


One of our values is a commitment to lifelong learning. To fulfill this commitment we provide an array of learning and development opportunities to ensure personal and professional growth for our team members.


The programs listed below educate our team members in our distinctive AmaZing! Customer Service culture, our inspirational approach to leadership, our unwavering dedication to clinical excellence, and our unique business strategy of infusing care into all we do.

Advanced Leadership Learning Program. This is a program developed internally for the professional development of internal staff who have leadership and management responsibilities, have completed the Emerging Leaders program, or based on ability and experience, have been exempted from the Emerging Leaders Program. This program is designed for either self-paced or cohort style learning. Topics included in this course are advanced leadership, organizational development, advanced communication skills, and staff recruitment, hiring, and development.


AmaZing! Customer Service. Our goal is to elevate our customer service practices in order to create memorable experiences for each and every patient who walks through our doors. We want to create such memorable experiences that our patients become highly engaged, enthusiastic ambassadors, and evangelists for our organization. The elements and tools outlined in the AmaZing! Customer Service Program will help us to embrace a highly energetic culture that will take our company to levels of success that can only be described as “AmaZing!”


Called to Care. The current ills of healthcare, where there is immense fear, uncertainty, and change have
resulted in professionals that have replaced care, compassion, empathy, and listening with compliance and adherence to cookbook medicine. Rather than dwell on the constraints of the system, we choose to focus on our strengths and the promising future of a healthcare company that focuses on compassionate, kind, and positive care. This program is our continued opportunity to co-create Called To Care.


C2BC. Starting at the top, we use 1:1 coaching as well as team and group coaching lead by an ICF Certified professional coaches to empower our Clinic Directors and key leaders in both business and life. The result is leaders who are resonant, who have a high level of emotional fitness, and who can effectively coach others to be the same. Coaching takes learning and growth to the next level by leveraging behavioral and actionable learning models across all domains. We believe that thriving people in a coaching culture build Confluent Health, as they build-up themselves and others.


Emerging Leaders Program. This is a program developed internally for the professional development of internal staff new to leadership or those who aspire to one day move into leadership positions. Highly engaged and interactive course work focuses on leadership, management, organizational culture, organizational communication, staff development, and performance management.


Executive Program in Private Practice Management – Evidence In Motion. This program exposes participants to a vast community of evidence-based practitioners who are all embracing best business practices in an Executive MBA-style format. The focus is on the operations management aspect of running a private practice. There is also an optional postprofessional DPT clinical component requiring 4 additional courses.


PT Ville. Part I. This is our organization’s Executive Leadership and Development I program for therapists. Participants are chosen based on demonstrated performance, passion, and aptitude in their journey as future leaders of our organization. The course is filled with exciting activities and training that are designed specifically for this group of future leaders.


PT Ville. Part II. Participants include graduates of PT Ville I as
well as those in current leadership roles with our organization. Participants can expect to enhance their business savvy of private practice management. This course will help to strengthen an entire practice and its employees, allowing strategic competitive advantages in the marketplace.


All of our private practices serve as Academic Teaching Centers for Evidence In Motion advanced training programs. Confluent Health companies fully support these training programs and encourage our clinicians to take advantage of these learning opportunities.



EIM’s Residency Program at Confluent Health is a post-professional clinical residency that allows a third-year student, or licensed PT, to choose from Confluent Health’s family of companies to facilitate the completion of an EIM Residency. Click below to learn more.




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Our commitment to our people-first culture runs deep. Since Confluent Health was founded, we’ve informally made sure to take care of our employees in need. As our company grows, so does that list. We've established the Confluent Health Employee Foundation and The Honey Jar to make sure that all of our employees receive the financial support they need. To learn more, apply for funds, or donate, visit


With career opportunities that span our headquarters, outpatient physical therapy clinics, onsite early intervention services, and physical therapy education settings, you’re sure to find a rewarding position that allows you to discover and develop your talents and gifts.  To learn more about career opportunities with Confluent Health, please contact Craig Hubbuch at [email protected] or select your preferred company below to view open positions:


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ProRehab (KY, IN)
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