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February 12, 2021

Introducing The Confluent Counsel

The make-up of Confluent Health exemplifies the concept of Unity in Diversity. Our many partners, business lines, and initiatives vary widely, yet all focus on working harmoniously together to achieve our essential goal, “Success through meaningful work that impacts lives.” ​​​​​​​

  • Confluent Counsel is the next step in proactively ensuring that we as a company give more than it takes so that our people, customers, and enterprises continually flourish.
  • Who? The Confluent Counsel is made up of volunteer representatives who have the heart to serve and are selected by Confluent Health family CEOs. In short, the Counsel is you! The Counsel members began meeting in mid-summer to define our foundational elements with the support, direction, and facilitation of Confluent’s CEO & Chief of Talent Development. Our current work includes making plans for making a difference in 2021 and beyond.
  • How? By leveraging our Essential Intent, Mission, and supporting activities to achieve goals that bring us closer to realizing our Vision.

In the spirit and service that honors America’s best-known champion of equality and reconciliation: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Confluent Health seeks to make the world a better place; one patient, one employee, and one employer at a time.

It’s also an honor to introduce you to some of the members of the Counsel.

Andrew Blackmon,  Regional Sales Representative,  Fit For Work

“Being on the Counsel has allowed me to share my unique experiences throughout my life. Not everyone can really understand what it means to “see from other’s perspective. Having a group who is committed to include every voice has provided me with confidence that this company is committed to uplifting and fairness for every person!”

Betsy Appleton, Managing Director | Agency Ops & Growth Marketing Confluent Health

“Serving on the Confluent Counsel is an honor. Playing a part in creating a culture within our Family of Companies, where everyone has a sense of belonging, respect, and acceptance despite their individual differences is so important to me.”

Cliff Stanford, Physical Therapist Assistant, Proactive Physical Therapy Specialist

“Having the opportunity to share perspective through the Confluent Council is truly a blessing. Understanding that a part of being the change I want to see in my community includes not only coming to the table but taking part in setting the table and creating a place where conversations for change can happen.”

We are proud to have the individuals above serving on the Confluent Counsel and believe together, they will have a huge impact within our organization and our greater purpose of empowering people, inspiring hope, and transforming lives.

Read more about The Counfluent Counsel here.

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